Facilitation Guide note

After read Scrum Master 的外功 – 如何引導團隊活動 by Yves Lin, one book came to my mind. (The Secrets of Facilitation_ Th – Wilkinson, Michael.) Like Yves said, it’s not common to use “facilitate" in Taiwan.

I read this book when I took the communication course in NEU. The instructor help us to write down our own facilitation guide and actually facilitate a meeting with colleagues. The expectation is always different from practical. However, its really good to remind us how to facilitate people to generate quality outcome effectively.


Duration of Meeting: 30 minutes

Opening (5 mins)

Welcome (IEEI)

  1. Inform: review the purpose for the meeting and the product to be created
  2. Excite:  clear vision of the overall result to be achieved and the benefits to them
  3. Empower: discuss the important role they play in the process.
  4. Involve: involve early by identifying their personal objectives, the issues that must be covered, the challenges that must be overcome.

Session objective


Participants’ objective(introductions)

  1. Check point : Everyone agree on the goal and outcome of the meeting.
  2. Parking Lot : Write down that those ideas not exactly match the agenda and discuss later
  3. Timekeeper: Someone will be timekeeper to keep the schedule on track

Agenda (5 mins)

Ground rules (2 mins)

  1. Parking Lot
  2. Timekeeper

The process of meeting (18 minutes)

  1. Questioning (5 mins)
    • Type B question:  example:

Question Type A:     “The first thing we want to talk about are inputs.  What are the inputs to the scheduling process?”

Question Type B:     “If you were about to develop the school schedule, what information would you need to have close by?”

    • Uses their language (“school schedule,” “information”)
    • More personal, addresses them directly (“you”)
    • Action-oriented (“about to”)
    • Open-ended (“what information”)
  1. Brainstorming (8 mins)
  2. Prioritizing (3 mins)
  3. Check point All participants agree on the name of initiative 
  4. Review (3 mins)
  5. Closing (1 mins)


Wilkinson, M, (2012). The secrets of facilitation: The SMART Guide to Getting

Results with Groups. San Francisco, CA: Jossey – Bass.




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